30 Days Wild 2016

Day 30!…… and here in Wiltshire even the weather now seems to be lamenting the sad fact it’s the last day of 30 Days Wild 2016.

We posted this book extract at the end of last years 30 Days Wild and it still sums up how we feel….


The words of Pia Kaminski from her book ‘The Seed’

…. and so we carried on from where we left off last night and have been doing some further dipping and identifying in the stream running through our garden. We will carry on and stay wild.

We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our wild adventures with you all and at the same time have enjoyed reading all your wonderful blogs and social media posts. 30 Days Wild has been hugely inspiring and we have learnt so much. Thank you to all of you, especially Brock Badger and The Wildlife Trusts. See you all next year!


Gin & tonic with Elderflower ice cubes and Georgia’s Elderflower ice lolly

#StayWild and “Cheers” from Team Lovett πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




One thought on “30 Days Wild 2016

  1. Sorry you have come to the end of your 30 Days wild team Lovett. WIll miss your enjoyable read. Look forward to next year.


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