30 Days Wild

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21

Day 21!…….. and it’s been a lovely day weather wise for all of Team Lovett and each of us has been a little wild at work and school today….

Mum is a gardener and the garden she was working in this morning is owned by a lady who used to be a Beekeeper. Being a bee lover the owner is all too aware of the plight of our bees, so Mum manages this garden actively to ensure that it is as bee friendly, or indeed all wildlife friendly, as possible. She does this by selective mowing, prudent weeding and purposeful planting and no pesticides or weedkillers. In this garden you can find areas of lawn left unmowed and managed as a meadow, self seeded Foxgloves growing alongside Broad beans in the veg garden, managed areas of Poached egg plant growing between the Rhubarb and Gooseberries, Wild blackberry growing in partnership with Bear’s breeches, Acanthus mollis,Β in the borders, and wild areas of Stinging nettle, White nettle and Cow parsley.


Wild and cultivated working in harmony

Mum loves working in this garden, it is always full of birds, bees, butterflies and lots of other wildlife, proof in the pudding that this method of gardening works well for the benefit of wildlife. Very, very rewarding.

Dad works for the Environment Agency and his ‘Office’ has been in various locations over in Avon and Somerset….


Views from the ‘Office’

…. of course, he doesn’t always have such desirable views having to deal with oil spills, rubbish and the dead bodies of wildlife in the rivers, flooding and drought, and invasive plant species, such as Himalayan balsam.

Today, however, was one of the better days and besides great locations he has also had a close encounter with a resting Buzzard and spotted Bee orchids. When he is out late on tide watch he’s kept entertained by Swifts and Swallows and very often encounters Barn owls out hunting too.

At school Georgia has been having a WOW Day in the garden where they have been planting plants to benefit bees, birds and butterflies, tending the vegetables they are growing, learning about composting and recycling, weather science and going on a mini beast bioblitz. Mum was given the grand tour after school had finished and proudly introduced to the plants that Georgia had planted and tended to herself and shown the wigwam that the class had made together out of recycled materials….


In the garden at school



Mum and Dad love that the school views learning outside of the classroom as vital to a child’s development.

Hazel, too, has had her personal ‘wild’ constitutional today contentedly pottering about in the stream in the garden, sniffing out all the fresh smells from the night before….


Labradors and water equals wild fun

…. and no doubt she was savouring the peace before the wild times started in earnest on Georgia’s return home from school.

Happy wild times from Team Lovett πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




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