30 Days Wild 2016

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08

Day 8!

The lovely hot weather continues here in Wiltshire and we are out in the garden again after school. Inspired by all the lovely looking cordials popping up on the 30 Days Wild Facebook page we decide to make the most of all the Elderflowers we have in the garden and make some of our own Elderflower cordial for the second year running. We were quite alarmed at the amount of sugar in last years recipe, about 1kg of it, so we are trying out a refined sugar-free version that we found on http://www.mummytries.com.


We started off by inspecting each flower head carefully for bugs before putting them in the pan. Georgia was delighted to find a small, bright green caterpillar, which we’ve not been able to identify. He was very athletic and kept Georgia and Hazel entertained for a while.


Inspecting flower heads and removing wildlife

The prep was a fun thing to do together and we also both marvelled at the bright citrus colours of the orange and lemon against the white and green of the Elderflowers.


Prepping and cooking

Georgia and Hazel disappeared into the garden, no doubt to have their own secret wild adventures together, while Mum saw to the boiling, simmering and bottling of the cordial.

We can report that it actually tasted jolly nice, certainly substituting sugar with honey has made a big difference in the level of sweetness. Mum found last years recipe with sugar to be overwhelmingly sweet, even diliuted. We can highly recommend this recipe.


The finished cordial

We are looking forward to making ice lollies out of the cordial for Georgia and her friends and Mum and Dad won’t be adverse to adding an Elderflower ice cube, or two, to their gin.

Cheers from Team Lovett 🙂 🙂 🙂




2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2016

  1. It’s great you found a sugar-free version – I’ll have to look for something similar for making my elderflower champagne next month… not sure if it will work as well but worth a try 🙂


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